Dave Williams, 

                                    Sound Recordist/Mixer




                                                Member of AMPS (Association of Motion Picture Sound)


I have recorded sound in over 100 countries with both diverse and challenging environments. From the Technology of the 90s working with just one presenter and one contributor, to the 2020's working with multiple presenters and multiple contributors all out of one bag. I have supervised and executed large productions like reality shows and worked in small tight productions. location recordists are probably the most versatile of all the sound departments, as we have to deal with situations as they happen with little time to weigh up the possible options. All of this is done with a bag of electronics hanging around our necks. Fitness and good communications are key to this.

Please get in touch to discuss the sound for any production you have. I love to be in it from the start. I have nearly 30 years of experience to offer. 


                                                 Full Hostile Environments Training for over 10 years

                                                                              iVisa till 2021

                                                                innoculated for worldwide travel

                                                          Education: London Film School, 1989-91

                                                            Grade: Film/Location Sound Mixing





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