A Sample of Credits





Bridgerton Series 2 [ 2nd Unit& Main Unit ]

We Hunt Together [ 2nd Unit ]

Holby. City [S23 ]

'The Whitstable Pearl'  [Tv Series]

‘The Killer Beside Me [Tv Series]

‘Watergate  [Staring Douglas Herd as Nixon ] [ Feature ]

‘Home Alone’, October Films [ Tv Series ]

‘Mafia Wars’, October Films[Tv Series ]

‘Gambling Angels’, RCA short film for cinema

‘It’s A Girl Thing’, 6 x 30, Optimum TV for CH4 [ Tv Series ]

Quest for the lost Arc [ Feature ]




Sound supervisor

The Hotwheels Challenge [NBC ]

Go Hard or go Home [ BBC ]

'The Bridge' Ch4 [ S1 & S2 ]

‘Idris Elba: No Limits’, ITV

‘50 Ways To Kill  S/1&2

Extreme World S/1 TO 6

‘Idris Elba: King of Speed’, ITV

‘Britain’s Great War’ presented by Jeremy Paxman,BBC

‘Vinnie Jones: Russia’s Toughest’,ITV

‘Speed Dreams: The Fastest Place on Earth’, BBC 

‘How We Invented The World’Discovery Channel

Elba Vs Block, Quibi

Shakespeare In Italy’,BBC

‘Ross Kemp: Back on The Front Line’,SKY

‘Empire’ presented by Jeremy Paxman, BBC

’The French Foreign Legion in Djibouti, East Africa.CH7

‘Caroline Quentin: A Passage Through India’,ITV

‘The Art of Russia’ presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon,BBC

‘The Victorians’ presented by Jeremy Paxman, BBC

‘Dan Cruickshank’s Adventures in Architecture’,BBC





Suzuki Ignis

McDonald’s McCafe moments, 10 x 90s

Kleenex Kisses, 5 x 30s

Land Rover, 3 x 30s

Andrex Washlets, 2 x 30s 

Lloyds, 3 x 30s featuring Nick Hewer, Mary Portas and Clare Balding

Sky HD, 1 x 30s featuring trumpeter Derek Watkins, 1 x 30s featuring crop circle maker 

Littlewoods 35mm, Three commercials for Littlewoods Pools, with Alan Hansen

Formula One Grand Prix Promotions for CH4, Promo for the F1 season

GQ magazine, 1 x 30s

Tony Kaye Films, St Mungo’s (winner of the Silver Award for Best Charity Commercial)       

Channel 4, Horseracing idents




‘Francesco’s Mediterranean Voyage’,

‘Chris Ryan's Elite Police’Bravo

‘Battlefield Detectives’ Granada TV

‘Final Chance to Save: Tigers Sky TV

‘A Picture of Britain’ BBC 

‘How We Built Britain’,BBC 

                      ‘The Secret Family of Jesus’ for CH4, [Feature ]

             ‘Seconds From Disaster’ Nat Geo
[Alpine Tsunami ]
[Explosion in The North Sea] 
[Tunnel Inferno]

[Piper Alpha]

‘Horizon’ BBC
[God on the Brain]
[Thalidomide – A Second Chance?] 
[Archimedes’ Secret]
[Living Nightmare]

[1914: The War Revolution]
[Bombing Dresden]

‘Dan Cruickshank’s Marvels of The Modern Age’,BBC Arts

‘Space’ presented by Sam Neill, for BBC Science

‘Francesco’s Italy: Top to Toe’,BBC

‘Africa Express’ Ch4 

The Big Story’ ITV 

‘Human Instinct’ BBC

‘Hybrids’, Ch4 
‘The Lying Game’BBC

.‘Blood of The Vikings’ presented by Julian Richards . BBC

‘Living China’ BBC.
‘The Ultimate Challenge’

Amazon - Cusco by Canoe.ITV

‘Talk Portuguese’ BBC
Language programme filmed in Portugal and Brazil.BBC

‘Germany Inside Out’BBC
Stories from all over Germany.BBC

‘Talk Greek’BBC
‘Robosapians’, Ch4 

‘Plastic Surgery Ruined My Life’Ch4 

‘What The Victorians Did For Us’ BBC

‘The Empire Pays Back’ BBC

‘Today Tonight’ he war in Croatia/Bosnia 1992 CH9 Australia
Three documentaries during the war in Croatia/Bosnia 1992

‘60 Minutes’ Australia 
Bastille Day
The Legacy of Jacques Cousteau
The Bear Awakes 

‘Terry Jones’ Medieval Tales’ 

‘The Castaway Challenge’
‘The Cook Report’

‘Crafty Tricks of War’ presented by Dick Strawbridge 

‘Blue Peter’ 

Working underground, discovering the disused tunnels beneath London.

‘Tomorrow’s World’ 
Short magazine programme looking at new technologies around the world. 




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Sound mixer drama/features
PSC recordist documentaries
AMPS affiliated 

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Forward thinking
Passionate about Sound

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